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Why NRS is for you
Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:37 pm by BuddyNugz
Hello everyone, my name is BuddyNugz, and I want to revive a generation.

When I was in middle school I did not have many friends, but the few I did have were very close. Soon a new friend entered our circle from Britain, and told us of a wonderful game called RuneScape. In RuneScape you could do whatever you liked, and the best part was, you coould easily see and communicate with friends. To be honest, I can imagine 8/10 players had an "rs gf". Very Happy

The point I'm trying to make is that even though I had gotten max stats, and that it took more time than I'd like to admit, it was the journey from A to B, not getting there. Kind of like a motorcyclist I felt the urge to belong to a society in RuneScape. I have fond memories of learning quests, talking bout the game with my friends in school, even getting excited for my first rune scimitar.

In today's Old School RuneScape manners are almost non existent, and finding members with kind intentions are few and far between. While skilling I have found many other players like me, interested in just having friends to talk to, a clan to mini-game with, and even a place to commute and brag outside of the Jagex environment. A place to relax with mature like minded individuals.

Not everyone in the game has played for the few years OSRS has been released, and would like some help getting back into it. This is a place to breed the new mature players before they form "bad habits". An individual scammed or slammed at 25 is probably going to be a bag of dicks at level 100.

As a venture to bring users together, myself and (==X==) are bringing our money to the table to set up a few fun drop parties for players of all levels, as well as scheduled castle wars matches with entry prizes and high profit stakes, secured and backed over video logger and twitch. Security is our priority!

Further within the forums you will find a detailed scheduled of Drop Parties as well as Castle Wars runs. Please remember, until more members join this venture is being fully funded privately, off no players money, though donations in game and for forum hosting are appreciated. The main goal is to bring together a RuneScape society we once knew, with crowded worlds and polite players to stimulate the economy!

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December 2018
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